Chris Newfield @ UCLA, Feb. 22

Public Universities under Trump Lessons from the Era of Privatization Wednesday, February 22, 3:30-5 PM 6275 Bunche Hall, UCLA Free and open to the public. Location Information Privatization, student debt, and over-building have led public universities to the brink of disaster. So argues UCSB professor Christopher Newfield in his new book. Only by embracing their … Continue reading Chris Newfield @ UCLA, Feb. 22

Report: Affordable Public Higher Education is Possible Today

A report this week from Reclaim California Higher Education (a coalition of faculty and student groups) makes the case that affordable (even free) higher education is within reach for California. The privatization experiment has failed. The harm to a generation of hard-working, high-aiming young people is proven. It’s time to return to what works: the … Continue reading Report: Affordable Public Higher Education is Possible Today

As transition looms, campus stirs

What is the future of public higher education under a Trump administration? With the transition of presidential power a week away, students, staff, faculty, and administrators on campuses across California are bracing for a rocky relationship. Here at UCLA there are a number of teach-ins, demonstrations, and programs planned for inauguration week. The big one … Continue reading As transition looms, campus stirs

CUCFA Letter to Pres. Napolitano

The Council of UC Faculty Associations (CUCFA) set a letter to UC President Janet Napolitano on November 23 applauding her statements after the US presidential election, and outlining concrete steps UC leadership should take to protect vulnerable students and staff. In short, we stand united with our administrators against any threats directed at our students … Continue reading CUCFA Letter to Pres. Napolitano

Faculty Respond to Trump Election

UCLA faculty are circulating a letter to the campus community in the wake of Donald Trump's election, and asking colleagues to sign on in support. The letter condemns "acts of hate and bigotry directed at our students and fellow employees." Here is the full text: Dear UCLA Students and Employees, We, the undersigned, are UCLA … Continue reading Faculty Respond to Trump Election

CUCFA Statement on Chancellor Searches

A Statement of Principles for Choosing New University of California Chancellors A University of California Chancellor must be committed both to broad access to university education and to scholarly excellence, and have a proven record of support for the value of public education. A Chancellor must recognize that, despite increases in fundraising for specific projects, … Continue reading CUCFA Statement on Chancellor Searches

Academic Senate Rejects New Pension Tier

Representatives of UC faculty on all campuses delivered a strongly worded rejection of the proposed 2016 pension tier. Reports from the campuses were extensive and overwhelmingly negative (link to PDF). Berkeley faculty called the proposal "imprudent and potentially fiscally irresponsible." Davis faculty said, "It is a myth that UCRP is too generous," and went on … Continue reading Academic Senate Rejects New Pension Tier

Faculty Voice Opposition to Pension Proposal

On Friday, the UCLA Academic Senate hosted an informational meeting that explained in clear terms that this is a bad, bad plan for faculty. What to do about it was less clear cut. Shane White gave a deeply detailed account of financial aspects of the plan (Slides here: Pension Presentation by Shane White). Among the … Continue reading Faculty Voice Opposition to Pension Proposal

Pension Changes Proposed: lower benefits, little savings, weaker UCRS

The University of California will soon have a third pension tier if the Regents approve a plan put forth by the Retirement Options Task Force on Friday. UC President Janet Napolitano charged the Task Force, which included management and Academic Senate representatives, with finding a way to implement her agreement with Gov. Brown to set … Continue reading Pension Changes Proposed: lower benefits, little savings, weaker UCRS