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Readers of this blog will recall that at the last Regents meeting in July, there was a controversy over the appointment of a new student regent-delegate due to her support of a campaign to divest UC funds from Israel.  Several regents spoke on the issue.  One abstained from voting for her.During the debate, outgoing President … Continue reading No Comment

Pay for the New UC Prez: Mellowing Newsom Likes It

Gov. Brown is out of the country and missed yesterday's Regents meeting and won't be at the meeting today.  At the meeting scheduled for later today, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom might well attend.  In the past, he has been against high pay for UC executives.  But now he seems to have mellowed in the case … Continue reading Pay for the New UC Prez: Mellowing Newsom Likes It

Listen to the UC Regents Morning Meeting of 7-17-2013

University of California Regents: July 17, 2013 - morning sessionAgenda: Wednesday, July 178:30 am Committee of the Whole (open session - includes public comment session)9:30 am Board (open session)9:40 am Committee on Finance (open session)12:00 Lunch(Note: Appointment of the student regent was moved from the 9:30 am session to after the Committee on Finance due … Continue reading Listen to the UC Regents Morning Meeting of 7-17-2013

More on Yudof Private Thoughts

In an earlier post, we reproduced part of a Daily Bruin article that dealt with UC President Mark Yudof's comments on "privatizing" the UCLA Anderson School of Management at the March 7 IMED Seminar.  Below is a link to what he actually said (audio with a still picture).  Yudof's comments were more ambiguous than the … Continue reading More on Yudof Private Thoughts

Mark Yudof’s Not-So-Private Thoughts

"Yudof... said he opposes the privatization of parts of the UC, specifically mentioning the UCLA Anderson School of Management, which had been considering becoming financially independent from UC funds. He said he is concerned that privatization would shift priorities away from those of a public university."Full story from yesterday's Daily Bruin at: Now he tells … Continue reading Mark Yudof’s Not-So-Private Thoughts

Yeah, sure. We believe you, Mark.

From the LA Times:...Governor Jerry Brown suddenly became active in UC policies and Mark Yudof resigns. Is there any connection?There is really no connection because I've been pondering [resignation] for a long time. The governor is extraordinarily intelligent, he is extraordinarily passionate. It does require some energy to respond to his ideas, but I'm fine with … Continue reading Yeah, sure. We believe you, Mark.

Listen to Radio Interview with President Yudof on UC Future

Yesterday, KPCC's Airtalk with Larry Mantle featured an interview with the heads of the three segments of higher ed in California: President Mark Yudof of UC, Chancellor Timothy White of CSU (and until recently Chancellor of UC-Riverside), and Brice Harris, Chancellor of the community colleges. The full broadcast ran about three quarters of an hour. … Continue reading Listen to Radio Interview with President Yudof on UC Future

Peter Schrag on Yudof Retirement

Peter Schrag, a former columnist for the Sacramento Bee, wrote an op ed about President Yudof's retirement.  Excerpt:...All told, the UC is in far better shape now than when he came. But it's unlikely that it can ever again exercise the kind of influence, both in this country and abroad, that it did in its … Continue reading Peter Schrag on Yudof Retirement