Davis and Merced Get Drones, But We Have Snodgrass

The website California's Capitol reports that UC-Davis and UC-Merced have applied to the FAA to have drones. http://www.californiascapitol.com/2013/10/californias-drone-applicants/ and https://www.eff.org/files/filenode/faa_coa_list-2012.pdf. Obviously, the rest of us will be falling behind in this technology.  But at least we have Prof. Snodgrass who drones on and on, as former UC president Yudof once reminded us in his soliloquy … Continue reading Davis and Merced Get Drones, But We Have Snodgrass

Online Drones

Inside Higher Ed today is reporting on resistance to online courses at Rutgers.  Blog readers who have followed the online ed/MOOC debates won't see surprises except for one element:The effort to offer more graduate degree programs online at Rutgers University at New Brunswick hit a snag on Wednesday, as faculty members in the Graduate School … Continue reading Online Drones

The Arrival

Today, the news media seem to be focused on the first day of school.  No, not the students' first day.  Janet Napolitano's.From the LA Times:Janet Napolitano begins her new job as University of California president Monday, promising to "listen and learn" about the many issues facing the sprawling 10-campus university system...During her first couple of … Continue reading The Arrival

Mansion Awaits

From the LA Times:Blake House, the Northern California mansion that is intended to be the official residence of the UC system president, may be coming back to life.Because of its rundown condition, UC executives in 2008 stopped living in the Mediterranean-style mansion in the unincorporated Contra Costa County neighborhood of Kensington. With a financial crisis for … Continue reading Mansion Awaits

At recent Regents meetings, Jerry left his Mark…

And now, Mark has left Jerry.  (The Yudof term concluded at the end of August.)  Today is September 1, so we are now in the era of Janet Napolitano.  And since she is coming from the Obama administration with its emphasis on objective performance standards for higher ed, it might be useful if she took … Continue reading At recent Regents meetings, Jerry left his Mark…

Listen to the Special Regents Meeting of Aug. 8, 2013

A special meeting of the UC-Regents was held by teleconference to approve the appointment and compensation of incoming Riverside chancellor Kim A. Wilcox, formerly provost at Michigan State U.  There were no public comments made by non-regents at this session, although time was available for such comments.  Governor Brown voted "no" on the compensation package … Continue reading Listen to the Special Regents Meeting of Aug. 8, 2013