For whatever it means…

Above are the world rankings of universities from the British Times Higher Education magazine based on "academic reputation." [Click on the image to make it clearer.] The full list and info on the survey methodology is at:

Yale & Penn Sue Defaulting Students But UC Doesn’t

From the LA Daily News:Needy U.S. borrowers are defaulting on almost $1 billion in federal student loans earmarked for the poor, leaving schools such as Yale and the University of Pennsylvania with little choice except to sue their graduates. The record defaults on federal Perkins loans may jeopardize the prospects of current students since they are … Continue reading Yale & Penn Sue Defaulting Students But UC Doesn’t

No Rush Online at Yale

Inside Higher Ed today carries a report that Yale is taking a gradual approach to online education and not rushing into MOOC delivery.  Excerpt:News of universities partnering with massive open online course providers has become commonplace, which is why Yale University stands out for what it’s not doing: rushing.While many top universities -- including Harvard … Continue reading No Rush Online at Yale

Would it work for UC?

We have noted in prior posts that the Regents (with a push from Gov. Brown) are interested in promoting online education at UC.  A somewhat different model is noted today in a brief article in Inside Higher Ed.  Online education, even if aimed at a mass audience, is often (not always) a pre-recorded program.  That … Continue reading Would it work for UC?