Brain Drain Story

The LA Times today has a behind-the-scenes story of the recruitment by USC of the neurology lab entourage:...Some colleagues in Westwood were aware that Toga and Thompson "were having conversations" with USC but didn't know the specifics, said John Mazziotta, chairman of UCLA's neurology department and executive vice dean of the medical school. The Bruins … Continue reading Brain Drain Story

Lessons to be Learned

Today's LA Times carries the story of two neuroscientists recruited by USC from UCLA:Arthur Toga and Paul Thompson will move to the USC Keck School of Medicine campus next fall, along with scores of graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and staffers who now work at UCLA's Laboratory of Neuro Imaging, known as LONI. In establishing a … Continue reading Lessons to be Learned

Meanwhile, from across town…

From Inside Higher Ed today:The philosophy department at... the University of Southern California has hired almost a dozen new professors in the last decade. USC's hiring has caused the program to rocket up 35 spots on the Philosophical Gourmet Report, which ranks graduate programs in philosophy based on the reputation of their faculty members. "[N]o … Continue reading Meanwhile, from across town…

The Money That Danced Away

USC recently announced a gift from philanthropist Glorya Kaufman to establish a new school of dance.  In a radio interview on KCRW, Kaufman said she had given money for renovation of a dance building at UCLA but the building wasn't being used as intended.  Excerpt:...Glorya Kaufman, the philanthropist funding USC’s new dance school, won’t reveal … Continue reading The Money That Danced Away

Neon Tommy Report on UC Fundraising

Neon Tommy is an online student news service of the USC Annenberg School.  The service features a news item dated Nov. 28 which reviews UC's "Onward" fundraising campaign.  That's right; USC is reviewing UC.  What is interesting about the piece is what isn't in it.  Back in the day - say, the 1950s or 1960s … Continue reading Neon Tommy Report on UC Fundraising