College Diversity Requirement Gathers Support

The following statement has been circulating among faculty today and has about 80 co-signers as of Wednesday afternoon. We Support the College Diversity Requirement We, the undersigned faculty of the University of California, Los Angeles, express our enthusiastic support for a College Diversity Requirement for students within the College of Letters and Science. Our signatures … Continue reading College Diversity Requirement Gathers Support

College of Letters and Science Faculty Vote on Diversity Requirement

UCLA faculty with appointments in the College of Letters and Science are voting this week on a proposed Diversity Requirement for undergraduate students  in the College. The vote is open between October 24th and October 31st. The Academic Senate has an extensive informational site ( that includes documentation on the requirement, a frequently asked questions … Continue reading College of Letters and Science Faculty Vote on Diversity Requirement

Dig a Deeper Hole?

The plaintiffs in the case against the UCLA Grand Hotel have filed an amended brief.  You can read it at the link below.  There are actually two cases, one involving environmental and other matters and another regarding the tax issue.  The environmental case will be heard in September.  And there is legal skirmishing around the … Continue reading Dig a Deeper Hole?

What would Judge Cunningham say?

The LA Times picks up a story about an anti-Asian flyer - possibly from the Daily Bruin's earlier coverage - that has provoked student protests.  You can find the Times' story at:,0,4010058.storyFaithful blog readers will know that we are tracking the sad tale of LA Superior Court Judge David Cunningham III who was caught driving … Continue reading What would Judge Cunningham say?