Davis and Merced Get Drones, But We Have Snodgrass

The website California's Capitol reports that UC-Davis and UC-Merced have applied to the FAA to have drones. http://www.californiascapitol.com/2013/10/californias-drone-applicants/ and https://www.eff.org/files/filenode/faa_coa_list-2012.pdf. Obviously, the rest of us will be falling behind in this technology.  But at least we have Prof. Snodgrass who drones on and on, as former UC president Yudof once reminded us in his soliloquy … Continue reading Davis and Merced Get Drones, But We Have Snodgrass

Wishlist budget adopted by Regents

As expected, the Regents adopted the budget - which the governor on Wednesday termed a wishlist - yesterday.  The value of adopting a wishlist budget which will not be funded as requested was debated on Wednesday but adopted by the Committee on Finance of the Regents.  We posted the audio of that meeting, including the … Continue reading Wishlist budget adopted by Regents

Riverside and Merced say take our meds

From the LA Times, Larry Gordon 7/16/12 (excerpt):...UC Riverside's long-held dream to have a full medical school was badly battered last year when the state refused to pay for it and then national accreditors wouldn't allow it to open. Those denials were a blow to the UC system's proud tradition of adding campuses and programs to … Continue reading Riverside and Merced say take our meds

More and More Getting Off Scale

The Daily Bruin today has a piece on proposals for dealing with faculty salary scales which have grown increasingly outmoded.  As the table, based on a graphic in the Bruin, illustrates, most faculty at UCLA are paid off-scale.  The University, for recruitment and retention purposes, tries to meet the external academic labor market.  In effect, … Continue reading More and More Getting Off Scale

Too Many in the UC Lifeboat?

Mike Lofchie pointed me to this article which questions the one-system view of UC and, in particular, UC-Merced, in a period of budget stringency.February 12, 2012, Chronicle of Higher Education Fault Lines Form Among Campuses as Finances Strain U. of California (excerpt):By Eric KeldermanPresident Mark G. Yudof of the University of California often says that … Continue reading Too Many in the UC Lifeboat?

UC students to protest at regents meeting (tomorrow)

Lisa M. Krieger, San Jose Mercury-News 11-26-11Student protesters with the Occupy movement will converge on four UC campuses Monday morning to vent their fury at a meeting of the regents, with demonstrators in Davis attempting a campuswide shutdown. The meeting, rescheduled after cancellation earlier this month because of threats of violence and vandalism, now includes … Continue reading UC students to protest at regents meeting (tomorrow)

Merced Developers Learn to Be Careful What You Wish For

For years, UC promised – but didn’t actually – to build a Central Valley campus. In many respects, the promise without the delivery was the best of worlds for UC when it came to the legislature. Real estate developers throughout the Central Valley, and their legislative representatives, had dreams of a new campus sparking a … Continue reading Merced Developers Learn to Be Careful What You Wish For

From the UCOP-top-website-press-releases-as-of-today file

MERCED — Chancellor Dorothy Leland of the University of California, Merced, said today (Oct. 3) the 6-year-old campus has made significant contributions to the state through its innovative research and that more investment is needed for it to meet its promise to bring greater economic prosperity to the San Joaquin Valley, the fastest-growing region in … Continue reading From the UCOP-top-website-press-releases-as-of-today file

The Money Tree at the Fresno Bee

You probably don’t follow the editorial page of the Fresno Bee religiously. With that in mind, yours truly reproduces an editorial that appeared on it last week – without comment. But before I do, you might be interested in the comment by state controller John Chiang regarding state revenues through the first quarter of the … Continue reading The Money Tree at the Fresno Bee