Yesterday’s news

Christmas day tends to be a slow news day.  However, for those who didn't see it, the LA Times carried a front page story about UC's online offerings which allow cross-campus credits.  You can find the article at:,0,6798231.storyBlog readers will be familiar with these offerings.  We noted in a prior post that UCLA seems to … Continue reading Yesterday’s news

Various UC Campuses Cleared of Anti-Semitism Charges

Inside Higher Ed reported yesterday that UC campuses at Berkeley and Santa Cruz had been cleared of charges of allowing an anti-Semitic atmosphere due to anti-Israel student activities.  The campuses received letters from the US Dept. of Education’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR) clearing them on free speech grounds.  An article appeared later in the … Continue reading Various UC Campuses Cleared of Anti-Semitism Charges

Another Campus Climate Incident Reported

The story above can be found in more detail at  So far, yours truly found no official response on the UC-Irvine website. Blog readers may recall a somewhat-related video that became known as "Asians in the Library" at UCLA and which sparked an official reaction from Chancellor Block. Possibly, this matter will be discussed at … Continue reading Another Campus Climate Incident Reported

Columnist asks about needs vs. wants

Note: In the future, there are likely to be more such questions - of the type excerpted below - about campus plans for new programs, schools, and even grand hotels.Dan Walters today in the Sacramento Bee: Was UC-Irvine's Law School Strictly Necessary? Six years ago, yours truly wrote a column about a proposed law school … Continue reading Columnist asks about needs vs. wants

Emisions Remissions?

UCLA co-generation plantCalifornia's cash-strapped public universities would save millions of dollars under legislation by Orange County state Sen. Mimi Walters, but the bill's prospects are uncertain because it would alter a landmark global warming law beloved by environmentalists. Walters' proposal seeks to exempt University of California and California State University campuses from the new cap-and-trade … Continue reading Emisions Remissions?

UC-Irvine Gets Some Good Press

Warm welcome to University of California IrvineBy Anat Maor, Jerusalem Post, 2-17-13When I first arrived at the University of California in Irvine, I didn’t know a single person there. To tell you the truth, I was feeling apprehensive about my new role as a professor in Israel studies here, especially given the reputation of the … Continue reading UC-Irvine Gets Some Good Press

Quick! Somebody Tell the Governor!

From the Chronicle of Higher Education: Professor Leaves a MOOC in Mid-Course in Dispute Over TeachingStudents regularly drop out of massive open online courses before they come to term. For a professor to drop out is less common.But that is what happened on Saturday in “Microeconomics for Managers,” a MOOC offered by the University of California at … Continue reading Quick! Somebody Tell the Governor!