Another of our periodic email cautionary notes

From time to time, we have provided reminders about email problems.  One problem - which we have noted - is that at a public university, your emails may be subject to public documents requests.Another problem is that hackers may try to get into your email account through "phishing," probably to use it to send out … Continue reading Another of our periodic email cautionary notes

Yesterday’s news

Christmas day tends to be a slow news day.  However, for those who didn't see it, the LA Times carried a front page story about UC's online offerings which allow cross-campus credits.  You can find the article at:,0,6798231.storyBlog readers will be familiar with these offerings.  We noted in a prior post that UCLA seems to … Continue reading Yesterday’s news

Unsolicited Thanksgiving Advice for Murphy Hall

Dear Murphy: The Judge Cunningham affair is a real turkey for you.*  You might want to spend your Thanksgiving weekend finding out what happened.  A good place to start might be by asking why campus police would be bothering with a minor off-campus traffic infraction unrelated to UCLA.  Katehi apologizingIt's not a question of having jurisdiction, so … Continue reading Unsolicited Thanksgiving Advice for Murphy Hall

Privatized Strawberries at Davis

Please pay as you enterStrawberry growers are literally being cheated out of the fruits of their labors by the University of California, according to a lawsuit filed against the Board of Regents by the California Strawberry Commission.UC Davis is ending its strawberry breeding program and replacing it with a private company created by its two long-time … Continue reading Privatized Strawberries at Davis

Davis and Merced Get Drones, But We Have Snodgrass

The website California's Capitol reports that UC-Davis and UC-Merced have applied to the FAA to have drones. and Obviously, the rest of us will be falling behind in this technology.  But at least we have Prof. Snodgrass who drones on and on, as former UC president Yudof once reminded us in his soliloquy … Continue reading Davis and Merced Get Drones, But We Have Snodgrass

What can we say? Or Sing?

UC Davis will pay $38,055 in a workers’ compensation settlement to John Pike, the former university police lieutenant who was internationally scorned in November 2011 for pepper-spraying students at close range during an Occupy-style tuition protest on campus. According to paperwork filed with the state’s Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board, the damages cover injuries to Pike’s … Continue reading What can we say? Or Sing?

Listen to the Second Half of the Regents Meeting of 9-17-2013

Our earlier post had the Regents audio for the first part of the meeting of 9-17-13.  There was then a closed session.  The audio link below picks up the meeting again when the public component resumed.  We also noted in the previous post that there was a inadvertent hot mike at the beginning of the … Continue reading Listen to the Second Half of the Regents Meeting of 9-17-2013

The High Cost of Pepper

UC Davis officials are making an expensive investment toward improving the college's image. The university hired Luanne Lawrence, formerly of the University of South Carolina, as associate chancellor for strategic communications earlier this year. She will make an annual salary of $260,000, more than any other campus communications chief in the University of California system...Lawrence … Continue reading The High Cost of Pepper