Going Up?

UC president Napolitano, on her campus tour, says she hopes not to press her luck and see tuition go up.Not a guarantee, of course.See: http://www.santacruzsentinel.com/localnews/ci_24341488/new-uc-president-keep-eye-costsTuition will either go up, stay the same (likely for now), or go down (has happened in the past but very unlikely under current conditions).  In fact, past UC presidents have … Continue reading Going Up?

The Arrival

Today, the news media seem to be focused on the first day of school.  No, not the students' first day.  Janet Napolitano's.From the LA Times:Janet Napolitano begins her new job as University of California president Monday, promising to "listen and learn" about the many issues facing the sprawling 10-campus university system...During her first couple of … Continue reading The Arrival

Listen to the First Part of the Regents Meeting of 9-17-2013

But before you listen, note that we have been archiving Regents audios because of regental policy not to archive them for more than one year.  Today, there was a bit of a mishap in the handling of the Regents live stream.  As a result, yours truly sent the email below to an official in the … Continue reading Listen to the First Part of the Regents Meeting of 9-17-2013

Cautious statement by new UC president

Napolitano at recent Regents meetingIncoming UC president Janet Napolitano was interviewed by NPR for "Morning Edition" which aired today.  Most of the interview was about her experience at the Dept. of Homeland Security. On the UC appointment, she said little about the Obama higher ed proposals other than she was aware of them including costs … Continue reading Cautious statement by new UC president

Waiting to find out what it means

Room for waitingInside Higher Ed is reporting today that the reason the higher ed establishment has been relatively quiet about the Obama plan for higher ed performance standards, tuition, etc., is because no one really knows what it means or what in detail is in the plan. They're all waiting to find out. See http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2013/08/30/after-obamas-announcement-higher-ed-lobby-offers-cautious-responseIt'sContinue reading Waiting to find out what it means

AAUP takes tough line on Obama Higher Ed Proposal

In an official statement, the AAUP has taken a tough position in criticizing the Obama proposal to condition federal aid for higher ed on performance standards: "In an attempt to rein in rising tuition and skyrocketing debt President Obama has announced a plan for performance based funding for higher education. Under his plan colleges would … Continue reading AAUP takes tough line on Obama Higher Ed Proposal

The Bus Plan for Higher Ed

The White House released the plan for higher education this morning.  As per yesterday's post, the plan will be promoted via a presidential bus tour.  Before I get into the plan, I might note that like the Regents and governor, the President is interested in use of technology - think MOOCs - to reduce costs, … Continue reading The Bus Plan for Higher Ed

Movers and Shakers on the Tuition Bus

The original Shakers didn't have a bus.From Inside Higher Ed: President Obama plans to take on rising tuition prices with speeches later this week that the White House promises will include fresh, serious proposals. But those claims were met largely with skepticism here, even from supporters of the president’s repeated pledge to “shake up” higher … Continue reading Movers and Shakers on the Tuition Bus

The Obama Shake Coming

Shakey's Model for a Grand Bargain?Higher ed excerpt from today’s presidential speech:...(T)his week we're working with both parties -- (applause) -- this week we're working with both parties to reverse the doubling of student loan rates that happened a few weeks ago because of congressional inaction. (Cheers, applause.)So this is all a good start, but … Continue reading The Obama Shake Coming