An interesting analysis of MOOCs in a National Bureau of Economic Research working paper by Stanford economist Caroline M. Hoxby suggests that heavy dependence on online ed won't work for what she terms highly selective post-secondary educational institutions.  In essence, such institutions depend in important ways on alumni loyalty which is hard to obtain if … Continue reading MOOc

Anti-Pension Cabal? Smells that way

We have noted in past posting on the filing of a public pension initiative that there appeared to be a good deal of "coordination" in the effort, including a Stanford-Hoover MOOC (online course) on personal investments that somehow ends with a session on public pensions.  There appeared to be more involved than a few California … Continue reading Anti-Pension Cabal? Smells that way

More Pension Tension (from a Stanford-Hoover MOOC)

Closed? Maybe it moved to Palo Alto.We have noted on this blog that there seems to be a move to get a public pension initiative on the ballot in California.  Although there have been previous efforts, there are signs that there may be money behind the current attempt.  "Coincidentally" - as they say - it … Continue reading More Pension Tension (from a Stanford-Hoover MOOC)

Department of Bad Timing

On Thursday, the Regents meeting seems to consist of a PR tour of the Lawrence Livermore National Lab as part of a more general review of the different Dept. of Energy labs that continues from the last meeting []. As the screenshot above suggests, however, the timing is not so good for discussing the labs, … Continue reading Department of Bad Timing


The NY Times has a feature article on MOOCs, Massive Open Online Courses. There are some problems:...The MOOC certainly presents challenges. Can learning be scaled up this much? Grading is imperfect, especially for nontechnical subjects. Cheating is a reality. “We found groups of 20 people in a course submitting identical homework,” says David Patterson, a … Continue reading MOOC, MOOC

Will He Sign It?

State lawmakers have approved first-in-the-nation legislation requiring California universities with the most high-profile sports programs to provide financial protections for student athletes who suffer career-ending injuries...SB1525 would apply to universities that receive more than $10 million annually in sports media revenue. The bill by Sen. Alex Padilla, a Democrat from Los Angeles, would apply this year to the University of … Continue reading Will He Sign It?

Wisconsin’s Way Out of UCLA’s Taxable Hotel Dilemma: But We Really Have to Hurry!

In an earlier post today citing an online lesson from Stanford, we pointed to UCLA’s hotel tax dilemma.  We learned about Unrelated Business Income (UBI) and Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT).  It appears that much of the proposed use of the UCLA hotel is in fact taxable and yet commercial-type business is forbidden in the … Continue reading Wisconsin’s Way Out of UCLA’s Taxable Hotel Dilemma: But We Really Have to Hurry!

Stanford Offers an Online Course on Hotel UBITOMY

Never heard of UBITOMY?  UBI stands for Unrelated Business Income - as defined by the IRS - of normally tax-exempt entities such as universities.  But when such entities create enterprises that do business unrelated to the function of the entity, Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) is owed.UCLA's proposed new hotel comes with a business plan … Continue reading Stanford Offers an Online Course on Hotel UBITOMY