Chris Newfield @ UCLA, Feb. 22

Public Universities under Trump Lessons from the Era of Privatization Wednesday, February 22, 3:30-5 PM 6275 Bunche Hall, UCLA Free and open to the public. Location Information Privatization, student debt, and over-building have led public universities to the brink of disaster. So argues UCSB professor Christopher Newfield in his new book. Only by embracing their … Continue reading Chris Newfield @ UCLA, Feb. 22

Univ. of Wisconsin Faces Big Changes under Walker

Wisconsin's Republican governor Scott Walker recently proposed a $350 million cut to the University of Wisconsin system budget, and a fundamental shift in the university's relationship to the state. Currently, the multi-campus system is a state agency. The new law would make the UW system a "public authority." In a lengthy analysis, UW professors explain … Continue reading Univ. of Wisconsin Faces Big Changes under Walker

Privatized Strawberries at Davis

Please pay as you enterStrawberry growers are literally being cheated out of the fruits of their labors by the University of California, according to a lawsuit filed against the Board of Regents by the California Strawberry Commission.UC Davis is ending its strawberry breeding program and replacing it with a private company created by its two long-time … Continue reading Privatized Strawberries at Davis

There are at least two ways to skin the business school self-sufficiency cat

Inside Higher Ed today has a lengthy article about the Anderson School's self-sufficiency MBA program.  The theme, however, is that the UC-Berkeley Haas School is doing the same thing in different ways that haven't caused a ruckus with the Academic Senate.  Both schools say the object is to put more money in the kitty and … Continue reading There are at least two ways to skin the business school self-sufficiency cat

UCLA MBA Goes Self-Sufficient

From UCOP:* UC president approves UCLA Anderson's proposal for self-supporting M.B.A. program By Ricardo Vazquez, June 26, 2013  University of California President Mark G. Yudof has approved a proposal by the UCLA Anderson School of Management to convert its full-time, state-supported M.B.A. program to self-supporting status.Yudof's decision — outlined in a June 24 letter** — … Continue reading UCLA MBA Goes Self-Sufficient

More on Yudof Private Thoughts

In an earlier post, we reproduced part of a Daily Bruin article that dealt with UC President Mark Yudof's comments on "privatizing" the UCLA Anderson School of Management at the March 7 IMED Seminar.  Below is a link to what he actually said (audio with a still picture).  Yudof's comments were more ambiguous than the … Continue reading More on Yudof Private Thoughts

Mark Yudof’s Not-So-Private Thoughts

"Yudof... said he opposes the privatization of parts of the UC, specifically mentioning the UCLA Anderson School of Management, which had been considering becoming financially independent from UC funds. He said he is concerned that privatization would shift priorities away from those of a public university."Full story from yesterday's Daily Bruin at: Now he tells … Continue reading Mark Yudof’s Not-So-Private Thoughts

Peter Schrag on Yudof Retirement

Peter Schrag, a former columnist for the Sacramento Bee, wrote an op ed about President Yudof's retirement.  Excerpt:...All told, the UC is in far better shape now than when he came. But it's unlikely that it can ever again exercise the kind of influence, both in this country and abroad, that it did in its … Continue reading Peter Schrag on Yudof Retirement

Mitchell Presentation with Slides from Nov. 7 Forum on the Future of UC Funding

MitchellA post of Nov. 7 on this blog carried the audio (only) of the forum sponsored by the Faculty Association at UCLA on the Future of University of California Funding held that day at the UCLA Faculty Center.Each of the three presenters used slides as part of their talks.  Below you will find two (alternative) … Continue reading Mitchell Presentation with Slides from Nov. 7 Forum on the Future of UC Funding

Compare and Contrast

The LA Business Journal regularly runs lists of top firms in LA County by various criteria and sectors. It also has a listing in this week's issue of colleges and universities ranked by enrollment.UCLA is the largest campus in the County with over 40,000 students; USC is the second largest. With the talk around about … Continue reading Compare and Contrast