Compare and Contrast

The LA Business Journal regularly runs lists of top firms in LA County by various criteria and sectors. It also has a listing in this week's issue of colleges and universities ranked by enrollment.UCLA is the largest campus in the County with over 40,000 students; USC is the second largest. With the talk around about … Continue reading Compare and Contrast

Wrong Direction

In yesterday's LA Times, Patt Morrison interviewed former UCLA Chancellor Albert Carnesale. Most of the interview dealt with other matters. But below is an excerpt on UC:What do you make of what's happening to the University of California? We had this great public university, but you didn't have to insert the word "public." [It was] … Continue reading Wrong Direction

Yudof on Budget, Privatization, Pensions

There is an interview in the LA Times today (1-15-11) of President Yudof by Patt Morrison. Below are excerpts.…Morrison: You've used the Ed Koch line, "How'm I doing?" After 2 ½ years, how're you doing?Yudof: I think we're doing well, and I don't mean to be Pollyanna-ish. We have a $20-billion shortfall, long run, in … Continue reading Yudof on Budget, Privatization, Pensions

Competition with the Private Universities & Endowments

A recent working paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research suggests that private universities react asymmetrically to shocks to their endowments. In particular, they overreact to negative shocks by cutting their operating budgets. That may suggest that, in the aftermath of their recent big financial losses, the privates were not as aggressive in raiding … Continue reading Competition with the Private Universities & Endowments