Issue Heating Up

We noted in yesterday's posting (in the update portion) on the Regents public comment session that there were spokespeople complaining about anti-Israel activities on UC campuses including course credit on one campus, pushes for divestment, etc.  Earlier postings noted statements by the UC prez and several chancellors (including Block) opposing an academic boycott of Israel … Continue reading Issue Heating Up

Demographic Shift

News accounts have focused on this chart in Gov. Brown's recent budget proposal which shows the Latino/Hispanic state population exceeding the white-Anglo population by July.  That the shift would occur sometime this decade was obvious from the 2010 Census.  A news account indicates that the shift will occur in March.  Clearly, putting an exact date … Continue reading Demographic Shift

New and Old at the UC Regents

The Regents in 19641-17-2014SACRAMENTO – Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today announced the following appointments.Richard C. Blum, 78, of San Francisco, has been appointed to the University of California Board of Regents effective March 2, 2014, where he has served since 2002 and was chair from 2007 to 2009. Blum founded Blum Capital Partners L.P. … Continue reading New and Old at the UC Regents

Someone may want to see what you are doing

Faculty should have received the email from Chancellor Block below regarding public documents requests for such things as emails.  The statement is good.  The two links provided are also useful.  But when you get through reading them, you should still regard virtually anything you email or write as potentially a public document.  Yes, various exemptions … Continue reading Someone may want to see what you are doing


Proponents of the  proposed pension/retiree health care initiative (that would cover UC) were afraid the attorney general would come up with a nasty title and summary.  It doesn't seem to have happened, however.  Other than the references to teachers, nurses, and peace officers (the public's favorite public employees), it is pretty neutral.  To the extent … Continue reading Neutral


The Contra Costa Times ran an interview with UC president Napolitano that was published yesterday.  But apparently the interview occurred in late 2013.  Here are the questions:Q: One of your first proposals was to make tuition rates more predictable. What might that look like?Q: At the last UC regents meeting, Gov. Jerry Brown said UC … Continue reading Q&A

Follow Me, Says Crane

We have previously reported on a proposed ballot initiative on public pensions in California that, as written, would cover UC.  There appears to be money behind the campaign for this initiative.  Another indication of such money comes in the form of a letter by former UC Regent David Crane on CalSTRS.  Crane was appointed by … Continue reading Follow Me, Says Crane

Upcoming Events in January

Under the state constitution, Governor Brown will release his budget proposal for 2014-15 at the end of next week.  In the past, bits and pieces were often leaked to the news media ahead of the formal announcement.  So far, that hasn't happened - which might just mean that with the current budgetary calm, there is … Continue reading Upcoming Events in January