Faculty Coalition at Work in Sacramento

As the budget battle grinds on in the state capital, the Council of University of California Faculty Associations (CUCFA) has been advocating on behalf of system faculty. In February, CUCFA weighed in on a proposal to alter UC governance. In a letter to legislators from Joe Kiskis (UC Davis), CUCFA noted While some actions of … Continue reading Faculty Coalition at Work in Sacramento

Listen to Part of the Regents Afternoon Session of 1-22-2014

As we have noted in numerous prior posts, the Regents refuse to archive their meetings beyond one year.  So we dutifully record the sessions in real time.  Below is a link to part of the afternoon session of Jan. 22.  This segment is mainly the Committee on Educational Policy.  Gov. Brown was in attendance.  We … Continue reading Listen to Part of the Regents Afternoon Session of 1-22-2014

The Resurrection?

[More in our Regents coverage.  See earlier posts.]  The Regents spent some time on the old Master Plan for Higher Ed.  There was discussion, according to news reports, among representatives of UC, CSU, and the community colleges on better coordination....“This report shines an important light on the need to have a central body whose sole … Continue reading The Resurrection?


In contrast to the silence the greeted the Little Hoover report on higher ed (see the previous post on this blog), a possible effort pushing for California community colleges to become four-year institutions got some attention.From the LA Times:California's community college system is considering a controversial effort to offer four-year degrees, a move designed to … Continue reading Four!

Little Hoover’s Report

Little (Herbert) HooverThe state’s Little Hoover Commission issued a report yesterday on public higher ed in California.  Although the Sacramento Bee mentioned on Monday that such a report would come out on Tuesday, I could find no reference to it in today’s Bee.  I looked on the LA Times and San Francisco Chronicle websites.  (In … Continue reading Little Hoover’s Report

Just Four Years? How about Eight?

Everyone wants more years!From Inside Higher Ed today comes this story about changing the Master Plan:Community colleges in a growing number of states are offering bachelor’s degrees. Now California and its huge two-year system may join that group. A committee created by Brice Harris, the system’s chancellor, quietly began meeting last month to mull whether … Continue reading Just Four Years? How about Eight?

Boulware at the Regents?

Lemuel Ricketts BoulwareToday is May Day - often viewed as a labor holiday.  That happenstance brings to mind the role the governor has been playing as an ex officio regent. Governor Brown likes to show his scope of knowledge through quotations, Latin phrases, and historical references.  Earlier this year, when asked about his collective bargaining … Continue reading Boulware at the Regents?

Grading the LAO Report on Higher Ed

We summarized the Legislative Analyst's report on higher ed funding in a post yesterday and provided a link to the document.  One thing that faculty do is evaluate and give grades.  In this case, the grade for the report would have to be an "incomplete."Pensions: The LAO continues its assertion that the state has no … Continue reading Grading the LAO Report on Higher Ed