I know it’s unpleasant to hear but…

When you listen to Regents’ comments at their meetings on the state budget, you have the impression at times that they think that the state and governor have reversed course and now acknowledge responsibility for the UC pension plan.  So, for the record, here is the Legislative Analyst’s summary of the latest state budget and … Continue reading I know it’s unpleasant to hear but…

Is that clear?

Some advice from the Legislative Analyst's Office to the legislature:Amend BBL in Item 6440-001-0001 to Clarify 2013-14 Enrollment Target for UCThe Legislature expects the University of California to enroll a total of 211,499 state supported full-time equivalent students during the 2013-14 academic year. This enrollment target shall not include nonresident students and Resident students and … Continue reading Is that clear?

The Three State Budgets

Last Friday, there was a legislative hearing on the current three versions of the state budget for 2013-14.  There is the governor's "May Revise" proposal and two separate proposals by the state assembly and the state senate.  The two legislative versions rely on a revenue forecast by the Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO) which projects higher … Continue reading The Three State Budgets

New LAO Report on (More) State Revenues

The Legislative Analyst's Office has released a commentary on the governor's May Revise budget proposal.  It's headline feature is that LAO expects higher revenues than the governor projects.  That extra money is not pure gravy since it interacts with the Prop 98 formulas for K-14.  Nonetheless, the report will become part of the legislative process … Continue reading New LAO Report on (More) State Revenues

Grading the LAO Report on Higher Ed

We summarized the Legislative Analyst's report on higher ed funding in a post yesterday and provided a link to the document.  One thing that faculty do is evaluate and give grades.  In this case, the grade for the report would have to be an "incomplete."Pensions: The LAO continues its assertion that the state has no … Continue reading Grading the LAO Report on Higher Ed

LAO Critique of Governor’s Higher Ed Budget Proposals

The Legislative Analysts’ Office (LAO) has a new report out critiquing the governor’s higher ed budget proposals.  It comments on his online higher ed proposals but relative to all the attention paid to that topic at the most recent Regents meeting, it appears that the LAO doesn’t see them as the solution to budget problems … Continue reading LAO Critique of Governor’s Higher Ed Budget Proposals