Proponents of the  proposed pension/retiree health care initiative (that would cover UC) were afraid the attorney general would come up with a nasty title and summary.  It doesn't seem to have happened, however.  Other than the references to teachers, nurses, and peace officers (the public's favorite public employees), it is pretty neutral.  To the extent … Continue reading Neutral


The Contra Costa Times ran an interview with UC president Napolitano that was published yesterday.  But apparently the interview occurred in late 2013.  Here are the questions:Q: One of your first proposals was to make tuition rates more predictable. What might that look like?Q: At the last UC regents meeting, Gov. Jerry Brown said UC … Continue reading Q&A

Upcoming Events in January

Under the state constitution, Governor Brown will release his budget proposal for 2014-15 at the end of next week.  In the past, bits and pieces were often leaked to the news media ahead of the formal announcement.  So far, that hasn't happened - which might just mean that with the current budgetary calm, there is … Continue reading Upcoming Events in January

Events May Divert the Governor from MOOCs, etc., at the Regents in 2014

Jerry Brown will almost certainly be running for re-election in 2014.  It doesn't look like there will be much of a contest but there will be at least some effort devoted to the campaign.But apart from re-election, Brown is facing some "legacy" problems.  During his first iteration as governor, he wasn't big - to say … Continue reading Events May Divert the Governor from MOOCs, etc., at the Regents in 2014

Yesterday’s news

Christmas day tends to be a slow news day.  However, for those who didn't see it, the LA Times carried a front page story about UC's online offerings which allow cross-campus credits.  You can find the article at:,0,6798231.storyBlog readers will be familiar with these offerings.  We noted in a prior post that UCLA seems to … Continue reading Yesterday’s news

Wait and See

We posted earlier about general plans for the state budget by the legislative Democrats which promise "more" for higher ed and UC than the Legislative Analyst's projections seemed to imply.  It is unclear if there is more than what the governor will propose in early January.Below are two slides from a presentation by the legislative … Continue reading Wait and See

We Got a Mention

Maybe not so fastAn earlier post on this blog described the recent Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO) report that projected that, with a combination of continued economic growth and Prop 30 revenues while they are in effect, California's "structural" deficit had ended.  We also noted that included in the LAO projections was what me termed an … Continue reading We Got a Mention

Lessons from Berkeley’s White Elephant Stadium for UCLA, the Regents, and UC?

People keep noticing Berkeley's White Elephant money-draining stadium - one of the grand capital projects that the Regents routinely approve based on pretty slides and business plans offered by the campuses.  Peter Schrag in the San Francisco Chronicle today ties the low graduation rates of Berkeley athletes with the stadium:...Fueling the... issue is the chronic … Continue reading Lessons from Berkeley’s White Elephant Stadium for UCLA, the Regents, and UC?