There have been worse landlord-tenant disputesFrom the Daily Bruin:A former UCLA employee reached an undisclosed settlement agreement with the UCLA Foundation Monday morning, the culmination of an eviction lawsuit brought forward by the university. In late October, the UCLA Foundation served Roselle Kipp with a lawsuit asking the court to evict Kipp from the boarding … Continue reading Eviction

No magic; no free lunch

 As you can see above, Gov. Brown promised to raise $10,100 for UC by holding a brown bag lunch.  Various other fund raising promises were made in connection with a campaign - Promises for Education - announced at the September Regents meeting.  The campaign, which appears to be over although the website persists [http://www.promiseforeducation.org/], raised … Continue reading No magic; no free lunch

Don’t twist their arms

Our previous post noted that donors do not inherently insist on capital projects.  In fact, UCLA just got $20 million, it was announced yesterday, for environmental teaching and research:http://centurycity.patch.com/groups/schools/p/hyatt-hotel-heirs-donate-20m-to-ucla  Some dutiful blog readers will recall that over a year ago we posted an interview with Mark Yudof in which he insisted that UC puts donor … Continue reading Don’t twist their arms

Reminder: Donors to UCLA Can Do Lasting Good Without Involving a Bulldozer

Today seems to be the day for reminders, as in our previous post.  However, the note below - combined with the tendency to divert campus donor money (and donors) into bricks and mortar - reminds us there are alternatives:Anthony and Jeanne Pritzker, who are among the heirs to the Hyatt hotel fortune, donated $3 million … Continue reading Reminder: Donors to UCLA Can Do Lasting Good Without Involving a Bulldozer

Now Some Students Can Be His Guest at a Brown Bag Lunch

Be my guest!Or is it a Brown (pause) bag-lunch? In an earlier post on the Regents meeting, we mentioned the new "crowdsourcing" UC fundraising effort.  Now some students can be guests of the governor:University of California regents spent much of Wednesday morning cheering a new fundraising initiative to encourage faculty, students and other people to … Continue reading Now Some Students Can Be His Guest at a Brown Bag Lunch

The Pen is Mightier (at the Berkeley B-School)

...Handwritten thank-you notes are apparently in vogue at the UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business, and not just for recruiters who hold a student's fate in their hands.Recently, the school set up tables and invited students, faculty and staff to pen personalized notes to Haas donors... Hundreds of Haas students and staff participated in the note-writing effort, with many … Continue reading The Pen is Mightier (at the Berkeley B-School)