Sacramento Bee Slams UC Pay & Perks

The Sacramento Bee has complaints about UC administrator pay and travel expenses.  (Of course, we never read in the Bee about pay and travel expenses of the Bee's employees or executives - or those of its parent company - which are not available online or through public records requests.)  You can read the Bee's editorial … Continue reading Sacramento Bee Slams UC Pay & Perks

Well traveled

The San Diego Union-Tribune is running a story researched by the Center for Investigative Reporting on UCLA travel expenses for administrators:Excerpt: Thirteen years ago, the University of California changed its ban on flying business or first class on the university’s dime, adding a special exception for employees with a medical need. What followed at UCLA … Continue reading Well traveled

Executive Pay in Higher Ed

Inside Higher Ed today has a summary of a 2013 survey of median executive and administrative pay in higher education.  It includes central and campus administrators by title as well as deans and certain support occupations. The survey was conducted by the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR).  A more detailed description … Continue reading Executive Pay in Higher Ed