The Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO) has issued a report on UC and CSU funding.  LAO is usually viewed as a neutral agency.  But it is a component of the legislature.  So it tends to favor approaches that add to legislative control as opposed to, say, gubernatorial control.  This report is no exception.LAO seems to want … Continue reading Tradition!

Oversize Load?

From the Sacramento Bee:...(T)the University of California’s academic student workers union recently filed a complaint against the UC Office of the President demanding that discussions about class size be a part of their contract negotiations. The union has been bargaining with UC since last summer, and its contract expired at the end of the year...The … Continue reading Oversize Load?

Dividing the $5 Million Pie for Undocumented Students

The Daily Bruin is carrying a story on its website detailing how the $5 million for undocumented students allocated by President Napolitano is to be spent: [excerpt]...UCLA will receive $848,000 of the total $5 million for undocumented student services and financial aid, the most out of any UC campus, according to the letter. UCLA currently … Continue reading Dividing the $5 Million Pie for Undocumented Students

Community College Transfers to UCLA

Yours truly came across a news article indicating that Santa Monica College provided more undergraduate transfers to UC than any othre community college.  You can find the article at: he poked around the website for the community college system to find out which community colleges led in transfers to UCLA.  The pie chart above shows … Continue reading Community College Transfers to UCLA

Listen to the Regents Morning Session: Nov. 13, 2013 (including the Napolitano speech)

As noted in prior posts, yours truly is out of town and behind on listening to, and recording, the Regents meeting.  I am now current through the morning of Nov. 13.  That was the morning in which UC president Napolitano gave her speech on her goals for UC.  Blog readers will recall that there was … Continue reading Listen to the Regents Morning Session: Nov. 13, 2013 (including the Napolitano speech)

TA Union Pushes for Lower TA-to-Student Ratio

The labor union representing TAs at UC has gotten some attention in the San Francisco Chronicle to its demands for lowering the TA-to-student ratio.  Excerpt: ...The students are asking UC to create a Committee on Class Size at each campus so that problems can be addressed on a continual basis, said Josh Brahinsky, a graduate … Continue reading TA Union Pushes for Lower TA-to-Student Ratio

Alternative Entrance

From the Daily Bruin: University of California student leaders are proposing a new admissions criterion that would give preference to applicants from low-income schools that have special partnerships with UC campuses. Under the criterion, UC campuses would look at whether an applicant comes from a Title I high school – a school that serves a … Continue reading Alternative Entrance

Affirmative Action Case at Supreme Court

Blog readers will undoubtedly know that the U.S. Supreme Court is looking at the constitutionality of  Michigan ballot proposition that bans affirmative action in, among other things, public university admissions.  The Michigan proposition was a copy of California's Prop 209.  Were the Michigan proposition voided, the same would likely happen to Prop 209.  Most observers … Continue reading Affirmative Action Case at Supreme Court

Supreme Court Challenge to Michigan Proposition Could Void Prop 209

Prop 209, banning affirmative action in public university admissions, was passed by California voters in 1996.  The final vote count in favor was actually slightly higher than the chart here - from preliminary data shortly after the election - shows.  (54.6% yes rather than 54.5%.) Prop 209's history goes back to an earlier action by the … Continue reading Supreme Court Challenge to Michigan Proposition Could Void Prop 209

The Bus Plan for Higher Ed

The White House released the plan for higher education this morning.  As per yesterday's post, the plan will be promoted via a presidential bus tour.  Before I get into the plan, I might note that like the Regents and governor, the President is interested in use of technology - think MOOCs - to reduce costs, … Continue reading The Bus Plan for Higher Ed