College Diversity Requirement Passes

The requirement for students in the UCLA College of Letters and Sciences to take one course on diversity passed by a wide margin in an Division-wide vote. After faculty in the College passed the requirement earlier this year, a small group in opposition petitioned the Senate leadership appealing to an obscure provision in the Senate … Continue reading College Diversity Requirement Passes

Diversity Requirement Debate Returns

The question of a diversity requirement for undergraduate students in the UCLA College of Letters and Sciences is back on the agenda, this time apparently heading for a vote of the entire UCLA faculty. Last October, faculty in the College of Letters and Sciences voted to adopt an undergraduate diversity requirement, and the measure was … Continue reading Diversity Requirement Debate Returns

Text of College FEC Letter to Senate LgA Members

The following is the full text of an email from the College Faculty Executive Committee (FEC) to members of the Senate Legislative Assembly (LgA) concerning the requirement for diversity-related courses.   From: FEC Chair Sent: Monday, January 26, 2015 8:01 AM To: FEC Chair Subject: College FEC: Message to LgA Members Dear Colleague, Since you … Continue reading Text of College FEC Letter to Senate LgA Members

Napolitano Responds to UCLA’s Moreno Report

MorenoUC President Napolitano issued a response to the (former California Supreme Court Justice Carlos) “Moreno Report” of Oct. 2013, formally titled “Independent Investigative Report on Acts of Bias and Discrimination Involving Faculty at the University of California, Los Angeles.”  It includes directives to all campus chancellors:1) Every campus should designate an official to serve as … Continue reading Napolitano Responds to UCLA’s Moreno Report

What a DC Fly on the Wall Probably Didn’t Hear

UC prez Napolitano attended her former boss's conference on higher ed in DC last week.  From the LA Times: Obama encourages economic diversity in higher education: The president and first lady are joined at a White House summit by others who have made commitments to help increase college accessibility for low-income students. California schools are well … Continue reading What a DC Fly on the Wall Probably Didn’t Hear

The GSEIS "Problem" Continues

Inside Higher Ed continues its coverage of the controversy in a course at GSEIS involving... well, it’s not quite clear what is involved, despite the lengthy article.  It does seem like the kind of development that needs some Academic Senate review.  [Excerpt]For the first time since graduate students staged a sit-in during a class they … Continue reading The GSEIS "Problem" Continues

Advice to Whoever is Appointed Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: Buckle Up!

You may have gotten today's email from Chancellor Block:  [excerpts]Today I am announcing a significant step in our efforts to respond to incidents of bias and discrimination on our campus and to build an environment of inclusion and tolerance: the creation of the new position of Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. The new … Continue reading Advice to Whoever is Appointed Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: Buckle Up!

Follow Up on Affirmative Action

Yesterday, we posted an entry about Prop 209 admissions data in preparation for the U.S. Supreme Court's decision on affirmative action in university admissions.  Now that the decision is out, the media reports generally say it will have little effect.  Since California has Prop 209 restrictions in place already, it is assumed that there will … Continue reading Follow Up on Affirmative Action

Prop 209 Data

Prop 209, approved by voters in 1996, banned affirmative action in university admissions and public contracting.  It followed an earlier move in 1995 by the Regents to ban affirmative action and, in fact, made their decision redundant.  (They later revoked the decision, an action that had no effect once Prop 209 was enacted.)  The Contra … Continue reading Prop 209 Data

UC-Irvine Gets Some Good Press

Warm welcome to University of California IrvineBy Anat Maor, Jerusalem Post, 2-17-13When I first arrived at the University of California in Irvine, I didn’t know a single person there. To tell you the truth, I was feeling apprehensive about my new role as a professor in Israel studies here, especially given the reputation of the … Continue reading UC-Irvine Gets Some Good Press