Listen to Part of the Regents Afternoon Session of 1-22-2014

As we have noted in numerous prior posts, the Regents refuse to archive their meetings beyond one year.  So we dutifully record the sessions in real time.  Below is a link to part of the afternoon session of Jan. 22.  This segment is mainly the Committee on Educational Policy.  Gov. Brown was in attendance.  We … Continue reading Listen to Part of the Regents Afternoon Session of 1-22-2014


The Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO) has issued a report on UC and CSU funding.  LAO is usually viewed as a neutral agency.  But it is a component of the legislature.  So it tends to favor approaches that add to legislative control as opposed to, say, gubernatorial control.  This report is no exception.LAO seems to want … Continue reading Tradition!

The Resurrection?

[More in our Regents coverage.  See earlier posts.]  The Regents spent some time on the old Master Plan for Higher Ed.  There was discussion, according to news reports, among representatives of UC, CSU, and the community colleges on better coordination....“This report shines an important light on the need to have a central body whose sole … Continue reading The Resurrection?

UC Prez has some online ed doubts

...In a departure from some of the online education hype that marked the early part of the year, [CSU Chancellor Timothy] White and [UC President Janet] Napolitano said they didn't see online course technology as a solution for lower-division or remedial course work -- though they said it is promising for some specialized courses. White … Continue reading UC Prez has some online ed doubts

Things to Come?

Events at this week's CSU Trustees meeting suggest what may occur at next week's Regents meeting, especially if the governor shows up, as he has been doing.From the LA Times: (excerpt)A committee of the Cal State Board of Trustees on Tuesday approved a $4.6-billion budget plan that includes money to hire faculty and increase student … Continue reading Things to Come?

The Leg Analyst Summarizes the Higher Ed Budget

At around this time of year, the Legislative Analyst's Office releases a summary about the budget in preparation for next year's budget proposal that will come from the governor in early January.  Below is an excerpt just for higher ed.  A link to the full document follows the excerpt.================== UC, CSU, and HastingsProvides $2.8 Billion … Continue reading The Leg Analyst Summarizes the Higher Ed Budget


In contrast to the silence the greeted the Little Hoover report on higher ed (see the previous post on this blog), a possible effort pushing for California community colleges to become four-year institutions got some attention.From the LA Times:California's community college system is considering a controversial effort to offer four-year degrees, a move designed to … Continue reading Four!

Little Hoover’s Report

Little (Herbert) HooverThe state’s Little Hoover Commission issued a report yesterday on public higher ed in California.  Although the Sacramento Bee mentioned on Monday that such a report would come out on Tuesday, I could find no reference to it in today’s Bee.  I looked on the LA Times and San Francisco Chronicle websites.  (In … Continue reading Little Hoover’s Report