Listen to Part of the Regents Afternoon Session of 1-22-2014

As we have noted in numerous prior posts, the Regents refuse to archive their meetings beyond one year.  So we dutifully record the sessions in real time.  Below is a link to part of the afternoon session of Jan. 22.  This segment is mainly the Committee on Educational Policy.  Gov. Brown was in attendance.  We … Continue reading Listen to Part of the Regents Afternoon Session of 1-22-2014

The Resurrection?

[More in our Regents coverage.  See earlier posts.]  The Regents spent some time on the old Master Plan for Higher Ed.  There was discussion, according to news reports, among representatives of UC, CSU, and the community colleges on better coordination....“This report shines an important light on the need to have a central body whose sole … Continue reading The Resurrection?


The Contra Costa Times ran an interview with UC president Napolitano that was published yesterday.  But apparently the interview occurred in late 2013.  Here are the questions:Q: One of your first proposals was to make tuition rates more predictable. What might that look like?Q: At the last UC regents meeting, Gov. Jerry Brown said UC … Continue reading Q&A

Transfer Program With UCLA (or not)

On the one hand, there is an article that says UCLA has joined a for-profit program to encourage community college transfers:The for-profit company Quad Learning announced Friday it has recruited UCLA and Occidental College to be part of a national community college transfer alliance — but the program doesn't come cheap. For about twice the cost … Continue reading Transfer Program With UCLA (or not)

Community College Transfers to UCLA

Yours truly came across a news article indicating that Santa Monica College provided more undergraduate transfers to UC than any othre community college.  You can find the article at: he poked around the website for the community college system to find out which community colleges led in transfers to UCLA.  The pie chart above shows … Continue reading Community College Transfers to UCLA

Listen to the Regents Morning Session: Nov. 13, 2013 (including the Napolitano speech)

As noted in prior posts, yours truly is out of town and behind on listening to, and recording, the Regents meeting.  I am now current through the morning of Nov. 13.  That was the morning in which UC president Napolitano gave her speech on her goals for UC.  Blog readers will recall that there was … Continue reading Listen to the Regents Morning Session: Nov. 13, 2013 (including the Napolitano speech)


In contrast to the silence the greeted the Little Hoover report on higher ed (see the previous post on this blog), a possible effort pushing for California community colleges to become four-year institutions got some attention.From the LA Times:California's community college system is considering a controversial effort to offer four-year degrees, a move designed to … Continue reading Four!

Little Hoover’s Report

Little (Herbert) HooverThe state’s Little Hoover Commission issued a report yesterday on public higher ed in California.  Although the Sacramento Bee mentioned on Monday that such a report would come out on Tuesday, I could find no reference to it in today’s Bee.  I looked on the LA Times and San Francisco Chronicle websites.  (In … Continue reading Little Hoover’s Report

Just Four Years? How about Eight?

Everyone wants more years!From Inside Higher Ed today comes this story about changing the Master Plan:Community colleges in a growing number of states are offering bachelor’s degrees. Now California and its huge two-year system may join that group. A committee created by Brice Harris, the system’s chancellor, quietly began meeting last month to mull whether … Continue reading Just Four Years? How about Eight?