Everett: Where are you?

Everett Dirksen was the Republican leader in the U.S. Senate back in the day who is often quoted as saying (about the federal budget), "A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you are talking about real money."  [I know; nobody can actually point to a source for where he supposedly said it.]We noted … Continue reading Everett: Where are you?

Free Money

From a UCLA media release yesterday: UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero and Head Football Coach Jim Mora announced today a campaign to raise private funds for a comprehensive football training facility to be located on the west side of Spaulding Field, the practice field for the Bruin football team. The planned state-of-the-art facility is intended … Continue reading Free Money

Unclear Consequences of Ruling on VA Uses for UCLA Sports & Other Events

There is a news report today that a court has ruled that the VA property that is almost adjacent to UCLA has been improperly used for purposes other than veterans' health care. UCLA rents space at the VA for sports programs. Over the years, there have been uses for theaters and other events for the … Continue reading Unclear Consequences of Ruling on VA Uses for UCLA Sports & Other Events

UCLA History: Pauley Pavilion (and a report of a bomb threat yesterday)

The photo shows the original Pauley Pavilion under construction in 1964.  It opened in 1965. The Daily Bruin yesterday evening posted a short article at about a bomb threat that closed Pauley Pavilion and other buildings in the area for a time.  Nothing was found.  See http://dailybruin.com/2013/08/03/pauley-pavilion-wooden-center-evacuated-reopened-following-bomb-threat-investigation/Pauley Pavilion was substantially reconstructed and reopened in November … Continue reading UCLA History: Pauley Pavilion (and a report of a bomb threat yesterday)

Business of College Sports Not What It Was

The Sacramento Bee ran a story June 4 that mysteriously reappeared for a time on its website today and that reminds us that the business of college sports is not what it was back in the early 1940s when Jackie Robinson played football for UCLA (photo). Excerpt:Ending weeks of speculation, Eddie Vanderdoes made it official … Continue reading Business of College Sports Not What It Was

Lest You Thought It Couldn’t Happen at UCLA…

Unfortunately, problems of the type that happened at Penn State U apparently can happen at UCLA.  From the LA Times:A longtime UCLA athletics official resigned amid allegations that he “engaged in inappropriate conduct,” the university said in a statement released Tuesday to The Times. UCLA Associate Athletic Director Michael Sondheimer resigned June 27 after being placed on administrative … Continue reading Lest You Thought It Couldn’t Happen at UCLA…

Change in Mood(y’s)

Inside Higher Ed and other news media are reporting that the credit rating agency Moody's is downgrading the outlook for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) because of a lawsuit filed by Ed O'Bannon, a former UCLA basketball player (photo).From the absolutely 100% reliable Wikipedia:Edward Charles O'Bannon, Jr. (born August 14, 1972 in Los Angeles, … Continue reading Change in Mood(y’s)

Not off to a good start

Looks like our new basketball coach should be having some of this formula for breakfast. From the Westwood-Century City Patch today:UCLA Coach Apologizes for Sex Assault Case Comments at IowaNew UCLA head basketball coach Steve Alford apologized Thursday for repeatedly defending one of his players at the University of Iowa in 2002 when the sophomore star was arrested and … Continue reading Not off to a good start

UCLA History: Pauley Construction

The photo shows UCLA Chancellor Franklin Murphy, basketball coach John Wooden, and donor Edwin Pauley at the groundbreaking ceremony for Pauley Pavillion, probably around 1964.  (The official opening was in 1965.)  Pauley - whose wealth came from oil - was a prominent Democrat.  However, the fundraising drive for the structure (which Pauley matched) was headed … Continue reading UCLA History: Pauley Construction

Will He Sign It?

State lawmakers have approved first-in-the-nation legislation requiring California universities with the most high-profile sports programs to provide financial protections for student athletes who suffer career-ending injuries...SB1525 would apply to universities that receive more than $10 million annually in sports media revenue. The bill by Sen. Alex Padilla, a Democrat from Los Angeles, would apply this year to the University of … Continue reading Will He Sign It?