The Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO) has issued a report on UC and CSU funding.  LAO is usually viewed as a neutral agency.  But it is a component of the legislature.  So it tends to favor approaches that add to legislative control as opposed to, say, gubernatorial control.  This report is no exception.LAO seems to want … Continue reading Tradition!

What a DC Fly on the Wall Probably Didn’t Hear

UC prez Napolitano attended her former boss's conference on higher ed in DC last week.  From the LA Times: Obama encourages economic diversity in higher education: The president and first lady are joined at a White House summit by others who have made commitments to help increase college accessibility for low-income students. California schools are well … Continue reading What a DC Fly on the Wall Probably Didn’t Hear

Let Me In, Please

Apparently, freshman applications to UC are up significantly, especially to UCLA:...Once again, UCLA was the most popular choice in the system, garnering 86,472 freshman applications, up 7.5% from last year; next was UC Berkeley, 73,711; up 8.9%. San Diego was third with 73,437; Santa Barbara received 66,756; Irvine; 66,426; Davis, 60,496; Santa Cruz, 40,687; Riverside, … Continue reading Let Me In, Please

Transfer Program With UCLA (or not)

On the one hand, there is an article that says UCLA has joined a for-profit program to encourage community college transfers:The for-profit company Quad Learning announced Friday it has recruited UCLA and Occidental College to be part of a national community college transfer alliance — but the program doesn't come cheap. For about twice the cost … Continue reading Transfer Program With UCLA (or not)

Community College Transfers to UCLA

Yours truly came across a news article indicating that Santa Monica College provided more undergraduate transfers to UC than any othre community college.  You can find the article at: he poked around the website for the community college system to find out which community colleges led in transfers to UCLA.  The pie chart above shows … Continue reading Community College Transfers to UCLA

A Berkeley Admissions Dossier Reader Tells All

Yours truly confesses he missed an August 1 article in the NY Times concerning the UC-Berkeley admissions process (which undoubtedly applies to UCLA as well).  The article gets into the sensitive area of admissions in the post-Prop 209 era.  [Prop 209 bans affirmative action in admissions.]  Since you may also have missed it, here is … Continue reading A Berkeley Admissions Dossier Reader Tells All

Alternative Entrance

From the Daily Bruin: University of California student leaders are proposing a new admissions criterion that would give preference to applicants from low-income schools that have special partnerships with UC campuses. Under the criterion, UC campuses would look at whether an applicant comes from a Title I high school – a school that serves a … Continue reading Alternative Entrance

Affirmative Action Case at Supreme Court

Blog readers will undoubtedly know that the U.S. Supreme Court is looking at the constitutionality of  Michigan ballot proposition that bans affirmative action in, among other things, public university admissions.  The Michigan proposition was a copy of California's Prop 209.  Were the Michigan proposition voided, the same would likely happen to Prop 209.  Most observers … Continue reading Affirmative Action Case at Supreme Court

You probably forgot to plan your celebrations but… is Admission Day.  No, it doesn't refer to getting into UCLA.  See below:In February of 1848, Mexico and the United States signed a treaty which ended the Mexican War and yielded a vast portion of the Southwest, including present day California, to the United States. Several days earlier, January 24, 1848, gold had been … Continue reading You probably forgot to plan your celebrations but…

Supreme Court Challenge to Michigan Proposition Could Void Prop 209

Prop 209, banning affirmative action in public university admissions, was passed by California voters in 1996.  The final vote count in favor was actually slightly higher than the chart here - from preliminary data shortly after the election - shows.  (54.6% yes rather than 54.5%.) Prop 209's history goes back to an earlier action by the … Continue reading Supreme Court Challenge to Michigan Proposition Could Void Prop 209