Faculty Support for UC-AFT Unit 18 Lecturers

Non-tenure track faculty teach a growing share of courses at University of California campuses, including UCLA. Despite their vital role in university teaching, lecturers have very little job security and have to fight for every benefit they get. UC lecturers have been negotiating with the university administration for several months with very little progress, and their contract will expire on February 3, 2020. Various UC Academic Senate bodies and Faculty groups are issuing statements of support for lecturers and their union, the University Council of the American Federation of Teachers (UC-AFT). We will add them here as they come in.

Academic Council of the UC Academic Senate: Statement on the University’s Collective Bargaining Negotiations with “Unit 18” Lecturers

UC Berkeley Academic Senate: Statement in Support of Lecturers.

UC Santa Cruz Academic Senate: Resolution in Support of Lecturers.

UC Riverside Faculty Association: Statement in Support of Lecturers.