UC Service Workers to Strike May 7-9

Afscme3299picketlocationsService and patient care workers across all University of California campuses have announced a three-day strike, May 7-9, 2018. Negotiations between AFSCME local 3299 and the UC reached an impasse after more than a year of negotiation. The university then imposed its “last, best offer,” which the union says included cuts to pay and benefits. The union put a strike vote to members, and it passed by 97%.

Before the strike vote, the union released a report that found racial and gender pay disparities among service workers, which they hoped to address through bargaining.

Workers represented by UPTE-CWA and the California Nurses Association will join the strike in sympathy, making this potentially the largest job action in UC history.

Information about strike activities at all UC locations is here: https://afscme3299.org/strike-announcement-locations/. We’ll post more information as it becomes available.

The California Conference of the AAUP released a statement supporting the strike.

Analysis by Michael Meranze on Rethinking the University: https://utotherescue.blogspot.com/2018/05/afscme-strike-may-7-9.html

L.A. Times: More than 50,000 UC workers set to strike this week

AFSCME 3299 has a site for you to add your name in support of their cause: https://afscme3299.org/fight-inequality/


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