Teaching & Learning in the Digital Age: Feb. 27

While the Revolutionary Year of the MOOC has crashed and burned in a flaming heap of venture capital, actually existing online instruction has continued to develop in a more deliberate way at UCLA.  Out of the limelight, and mostly outside the much-maligned UC-Online system, departments and individual professors have been piloting online courses in many different flavors.

On Thursday, February 27, the campus community will have a chance to take stock in these developments at the second “Online Summit” sponsored by the  Academic Senate, the Library, and other campus units.  With the theme Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age–Making It Happen the event is billed as a venue for constructive conversation, rather than a policy forum.  The highlight of last year’s Summit was the showcase of faculty work in the new YRL Digital Commons–a feature that will be repeated this year.

So whether you love or hate online education, or are confused and curious, this is a good opportunity to find out what is going on in real classrooms.

Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age: Making It Happen
Thursday, February 27, 9:15 AM to 4 PM
Young Research Library, UCLA
Website: http://www.sscnet.ucla.edu/history/reiff/~online/Summit2Index.html