UC-Berkeley Releases Its Earthquake Survey to the LA Times

We have followed the LA Times‘ story of the concern about certain concrete buildings in the southern California area which might be at risk in a major earthquake.  The Times identified some buildings in an earlier story but noted that UC-Berkeley had a survey list of buildings.  Berkeley was reluctant to provide the list because its intent was to get an estimate of the number of such buildings based on public records rather than evaluate each building directly.  It has now provided the Times with the list, along with a legal disclaimer.  The Times now has an interactive map on its website along with an article.  I punched in “Westwood” in the search engine on the map and got the result seen above.  (I have deleted one building which was not in Westwood but had the name Westwood in its title. There are also other buildings in the Westwood area that can be found by searching but which do not appear under a “Westwood” search.)  Click on the image above to enlarge and clarify.  Or go the the Times article and search for whatever you like.

The Times article, from which you can obtain the map, is at:

The disclaimer from Berkeley is at: