Whatever happened to the era of limits?

In his first iteration as governor, back in the 1970s and early 1980s, Gov. Brown emphasized the “era of limits.”  Yesterday at the Regents, however, he apparently wanted to push those limits when it came to online education: 
Jerry Brown pushes UC to find “outer limits” of online education

…Sitting in on part of Wednesday’s meeting, Brown challenged regents to develop classes that require no “human intervention” and might expand the system’s reach beyond its student body. 

“If this university can probe into” black holes, he said, “can’t somebody create a course — Spanish, calculus, whatever — totally online? That seems to me less complicated than that telescope you were talking about,” referring to an earlier agenda item.  After receiving pushback from UC provost Aimée Dorr, who delivered the presentation, that students are “less happy and less engaged” without human interaction, Brown said those measurements were too soft and he wanted empirical results…
Note: As yours truly reported yesterday (see the prior posting), due to teaching and other obligations, it will take awhile before the full Regents meeting can be posted for posterity (or at least longer than the one year Regents are willing to do.)  But we will get there.

It’s just a matter of limits: