The Contra Costa Times ran an interview with UC president Napolitano that was published yesterday.  But apparently the interview occurred in late 2013.  Here are the questions:

Q: One of your first proposals was to make tuition rates more predictable. What might that look like?

Q: At the last UC regents meeting, Gov. Jerry Brown said UC had slim chances of securing additional state funding, with all of the competing needs in Sacramento. What did you make of that?

Q: Were you surprised by the low graduation rates for some student-athletes at Cal? (UC Berkeley’s football team had the lowest graduation rate of any major program in the NCAA.) 

Q: One of your initiatives is to make it simpler for community college students to transfer to UC. What are your impressions of that system?

Q: I’ve read that you were surprised by the long-standing tension between UC and some labor groups… What have you done to change that?   

Q: You’ve been back to Washington. What points are you trying to press with people there in terms of higher education policy or funding? 

Q: Did you expect you would have protesters at your public appearances?

The answers can be found in http://www.contracostatimes.com/news/ci_24850169/napolitano-uc-chief-eyes-tuition-sports-transfer-students   

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