Unsolicited Thanksgiving Advice for Murphy Hall

Dear Murphy: 

The Judge Cunningham affair is a real turkey for you.*  You might want to spend your Thanksgiving weekend finding out what happened.  A good place to start might be by asking why campus police would be bothering with a minor off-campus traffic infraction unrelated to UCLA.  

Katehi apologizing

It’s not a question of having jurisdiction, so let’s not get entangled with legalities of whether it was technically OK to stop the judge.  It’s a question of priorities and common sense.  

Remember the Pepper Spray Cop affair at UC-Davis and how the chancellor there spent months apologizing, investigating, testifying, etc.?  You really don’t want anything like that affair to develop.  Ask Davis Chancellor Katehi [see photo] about whether spending her time that way was something best to avoid.

Just a thought.  Enjoy your holiday.

Yours Truly


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