There have been worse landlord-tenant disputes

From the Daily Bruin:

A former UCLA employee reached an undisclosed settlement agreement with the UCLA Foundation Monday morning, the culmination of an eviction lawsuit brought forward by the university. In late October, the UCLA Foundation served Roselle Kipp with a lawsuit asking the court to evict Kipp from the boarding house that the UCLA Foundation owned, said Magda Madrigal, Kipp’s attorney. The UCLA Foundation assumed control over the property after the owner, Jorge Estrada, died in December of last year and bequeathed it to the foundation in a trust deed, Madrigal said.Estrada operated the property as a boarding house enabling tenants – namely UCLA students and employees – to stay there in exchange for performing chores and paying a subsidized rent fee…

Full story at http://dailybruin.com/2013/11/26/ucla-foundation-reaches-settlement-with-former-employee/ 

No room for her at the UCLA Grand Hotel?