UCLA History: Poking Fun in 1963 at "Sensitivity Training" Courses at the Then-School of Business Administration

UCLA in the 1960s
UCLA offered various sensitivity training courses in the 1960s and 1970s, featuring T-Groups and the like.  Today, sensitivity training is typically aimed at particular issues such as racial or sex discrimination.  At the time, it was more generally aimed at self understanding, which was thought to make management executives more effective.  The technique, which could resemble group therapy, was controversial.  What was then the School of Business Administration – now the Anderson School – was a center for such course offerings and research.  
Because of the “touchy-feely” element, it was satirized by radio commentator and humorist Jean Shepherd on his broadcast of Nov. 18, 1963 on WOR, New York City.  You can hear his broadcast at the link below: