Permanent? No Exit?

UCLA Facilities Management is circulating the message:

Traffic Notice Full Closure


The Montana Avenue off-ramp from northbound I-405 will close permanently at 6 am on Monday, November 25th. The I-405 northbound off-ramp to Sunset Boulevard will be reopen at the same time.

When: Monday, November 25th at 6 am

Where: I-405 Northbound Off-ramp to Montana; I-405 Northbound Off-ramp to Sunset 

What is unclear is whether the closure on Montana is really permanent.  When yours truly went to the Facilities Management website from which this message is supposed to have derived, there was no mention of a permanent closure of the Montana off-ramp.  The website from Metro about the 405 project also had no mention, at least none I could find.

Well, perhaps there is some greater meaning in having no exit on Montana:

2 thoughts on “Permanent? No Exit?

  1. It's in a Metro press release, which is quoted on The Source at, in the article about the end of Ramp Jam. It's also on the 405's Facebook page,, and the Twitter page, The 405 project web pages linked from is not updated regularly; the last "latest news" article is from June, and there is not even mention yet that the Sunset offramp is opening!

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