Did Wiseman Catch This? (Check Prior Post)

UC Berkeley, the world’s top-ranked public university, is admitting student athletes with shockingly low grades and scores if they show promise as revenue-generating football or basketball players, say two Cal scholars whose new study helps explain why athletes on campus have the worst graduation rates in the country. While the highly competitive university routinely turns away applicants who earn straight A’s in high school, it has also been admitting student athletes on full scholarship even if their average high school grade was a B-minus. Its policy, in fact, permits a C average.Also disparate is the way Cal evaluates students’ scores on the SAT college admissions test. While most applicants with low scores are turned away, athletes who average just 370 out of a possible 800 in each subject – math, critical reading and writing – are invited to enroll…

Full story at http://www.sfgate.com/default/article/Cal-s-shockingly-low-athletic-admission-standards-4984721.php

Well, they have to fill that new black-hole-for-money stadium somehow.  Yet another grand capital project for UC.  Luckily, we have no grand capital projects at UCLA.  (Or do we?)


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