Clock is ticking away on chance to get UC out of anti-pension initiative

Previous posts on t his blog have noted the filing of an anti-pension initiative, fronted by some mayors, that would include UC along with other state and local plans.  We have noted that it would be best if UC were omitted from the initiative on the rationale that the Regents have implemented their own plan for modifying their retiree programs (back in 2010).

We have also noted that once an initiative gets on the ballot, it cannot be amended.  However, groups filing pension initiatives sometimes file amended versions.  The group behind the initiative has now filed a second version, illustrating this point.  Unfortunately, the second version still includes UC.  You can find the newer version at

We note again that it would be wise for UCOP – although it is a long shot – to see if the group would consider removing UC from coverage.  But the clock is ticking.  If nothing else, such an approach to the group, even if unsuccessful, would allow it to be said in any campaign against the initiative that UC asked for the coverage omission, presented a sound rationale for the request, and was denied.

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