Listen to the Regents Committee on Investments: Nov. 5, 2013

The Committee on Investment of the Regents met yesterday.  Only part of the meeting was open.  As we have been doing in the past, the audio from the meeting is posted at the link below since the Regents follow a policy (why?) of archiving meetings for only one year.
Investment Committee meetings are meant to show that the Regents are exercising oversight of the various funds that the Treasurer manages.  They also are supposed to exercise oversight of the various campus foundations.  The foundations can invest with the Regents and/or invest on their own, using their own fund managers.
There was some discussion of the transition of some funds from the very short term STIP fund to the somewhat longer term TRIP.  The move is intended to give a higher return at the cost of less liquidity.  Short term returns are very low nowadays as part of Federal Reserve policy on interest rates.  
There was also some discussion of the employee savings plans administered by UC.  The discussion was more about administrative documentation than investments since employees make their own investment choices within the menu offered.
You can hear the discussion at the link below: