More Waiting

Our previous post involved waiting until Wednesday for a revelation about the future of UC.

This post involves waiting for UC-Berkeley and LA City to reveal more about the earthquake safety survey in the LA area.  Blog readers will recall that at least one building in a related survey by the LA Times was UCLA-owned.

Ending days of mixed messages, the city of Los Angeles sent a request Thursday formally asking a UC Berkeley engineering professor for a list of concrete buildings that could be at risk of collapsing in a major earthquake. The professor, Jack Moehle, responded quickly, saying that the university was “investigating the legal and ethical constraints” of releasing preliminary research data. He did not agree to release the list. Researchers led by Moehle have compiled a database of about 1,500 concrete structures in Los Angeles built before 1980 that may be at risk of collapse in an earthquake. Seismic experts say obtaining the list is critical for the city to begin tackling the problem. Structural engineers have said hundreds could die if even only one concrete building collapsed…

Full article at,0,4904899.story

No rush.  We can wait: