One report airs some dirty laundry. Another doesn’t air.

The LA Times picks up story on UCLA report circulated by email to faculty:

UCLA’s policies and procedures are inadequate to deal with increasing complaints of racial bias among faculty — nearly all of whom surveyed said they had experienced some level of discrimination, according to an internal report obtained by The Times.  The report also found that allegations of overt racism were not investigated and, if they were, they rarely resulted in sanctions or punishments…

The review, which was launched by Chancellor Gene D. Block in 2012 after he was approached by a group of concerned faculty, found that university policies regarding racial bias and discrimination were vague and insufficient… Block declined a request for comment through a representative.  The report was compiled by a five-member panel headed by former California Supreme Court Justice Carlos Moreno and included attorney Connie Rice, former UC Davis professor Dr. Maga Jackson-Triche, UCLA professor emeritus Gary Nash and  Bob Suzuki, former president of Cal Poly Pomona. The panel interviewed 30 administrators and faculty members…

Full story at,0,2297269.story

The report itself – which appears to be a public document since it was widely emailed to all faculty – is at

On the other hand, another UC report on LA building earthquake safety is currently not being released, according to the Times, because of fears of building owner lawsuits.  (The Times has been doing reports on vulnerable buildings in the local area.)