Affirmative Action Case at Supreme Court

Blog readers will undoubtedly know that the U.S. Supreme Court is looking at the constitutionality of  Michigan ballot proposition that bans affirmative action in, among other things, public university admissions.  The Michigan proposition was a copy of California’s Prop 209.  Were the Michigan proposition voided, the same would likely happen to Prop 209.  Most observers seem to expect the court to uphold the Michigan proposition.  Prop 209 followed the UC Regents’ action banning affirmative action in admissions.  (The Regents later repealed their ban after 209 was enacted on the grounds that it was redundant.)

Inside Higher Ed has an article about the Court’s consideration of the case at

It also has a related article on other preferences the Court debated in the Michigan case such as preferences for children of alumni.  See

You can see a video of the UC Regents and its enactment of a ban on affirmative action below: