Follow Up on Napolitano Friendship Tour

We noted on Thursday that UC president Janet Napolitano was coming to UCLA to talk with students and others on Friday.  So what happened?  From the LA Times:

UC President Janet Napolitano got a mixed reception Friday during her first official visit to UCLA, facing protesters who objected to her actions as the onetime U.S. secretary of Homeland Security but also meeting with student leaders who praised her willingness to listen.Napolitano came to the Westwood campus for private meetings with students, faculty and administrators and to attend some seminars…

In brief comments to reporters, she said she would try to respond in coming months to students’ concerns about such issues as financial aid and ensuring ethnic diversity on campuses. She said she saw her job as being “a public advocate for higher education and to keep this system as really the lodestar for what public education ought to be.”…

But about 40 students demonstrated against Napolitano on Friday, saying deportations of people who entered the United States illegally had increased during her time as head of the federal agency. They also contended that Napolitano is not qualified to head a prestigious university system…

Full story at,0,2715642.story

So really, all we know is that she wants to be friends.  Nothing wrong with that, of course:

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