The Visit

This might come in handy.

From the Daily Bruin:

University of California President Janet Napolitano will meet with more than a dozen UCLA students Friday to discuss several student concerns, such as undocumented student demands for Napolitano, revenue solutions for the UC and support for graduate students. The committee of students invited to talk with Napolitano over lunch include UCLA undergraduate and graduate student government representatives, as well as student leaders from the Muslim Student Association, Bruins for Israel and the undocumented student group, Improving Dreams, Equality, Access and Success, known as IDEAS, said Avi Oved, internal vice president of the Undergraduate Students Association Council. Oved will be one of the attendees at Friday’s luncheon. Leaders from the Student Initiated Access Committee, Campus Retention Committee, the Community Programs Office Student Association and the Daily Bruin, as well as a student veteran, will also meet with Napolitano Friday. Napolitano reached out to UCLA administration to initiate this meeting with students, and UCLA administrators decided which students to invite to the meeting…
Members of the Coalition Against Napolitano and the Student Collective Against Labor Exploitation plan to host a protest against Napolitano in Bruin Plaza Friday morning, and six students demonstrated against Napolitano in front of Powell Library today…
Of course, she might turn out to be more accommodating than they expect:

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