Feeling Creative?

The Santa Monica Patch features the map you see on the left which breaks down the local area around UCLA by Census tract and color codes the number of “creative class” workers in each.  If you go to the actual article (link below), you can move around the area and show tracts around the city.  It takes some fooling around with your mouse to do it.  The image you see here is just a picture; you can’t use it directly; you have to go to the link.. 

…”‘Creative class'” mean(s) people working in management, business, science, and the arts”…

According to the Patch:

Data are from the United States Census Bureau’s 2011 American Community Survey.”  [And notice the erudite use of “data” as a plural in the Patch!  Can you do that?]

The link is santamonica.patch.com/groups/newscruncher/p/what-section-of-town-does-the-creative-class-live-in-santamonica

We thought these folks were involved in creation (although we’re not sure what Census tract they were in):