Health Plan Change Worries at UC

If he’s worried now, wait ’til he gets his open enrollment package.

Chronicle of Higher Ed takes note of UC employee concerns about changes in the UC health plans:

The University of California is overhauling its systemwide health-insurance plans to save on costs and better align with the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act, but some employees are angry over indications that they’ll be paying more just to keep their existing level of service. System officials say that the changes are needed to avoid looming cost increases and that, in most cases, employees who pick the plan that is right for them will end up saving money and getting better service…

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It might be noted that the article doesn’t touch on out-of-state retirees who have been shunted to an outside consultant to advise them about exchange plans available in their states.  UC will make a contribution to the premiums for what they choose but the plans available will vary from location to location and the quality of the advice they will get at this point is unclear.