Will common sense prevail?

The LA County DA continues to pursue a case against a UCLA faculty member that sure seems like a matter for civil, not criminal, litigation.  Will common sense prevail in the DA’s office?  So far, no sign of it happening.

From the Daily Bruin:

At a pretrial hearing Thursday, a Los Angeles County judge ordered UCLA chemistry professor Patrick Harran to return to court next month regarding a lawsuit that involves the death of a UCLA lab assistant in a 2008 laboratory fire.
Harran is expected back in court on Nov. 20, said Daniel Prince, a lawyer representing Harran. His trial could begin within 90 days of that court date, Prince said.  Two years ago, Harran and the UC Board of Regents were charged with four felony counts after staff research assistant Sheharbano “Sheri” Sangji died after a chemical ignited her sweater in the campus laboratory where she worked…

Full story at http://dailybruin.com/2013/10/04/ucla-professor-patrick-harran-to-return-to-court-in-november/ 

Note: The Regents were dropped from the case.  You can use the search engine to get more details on this case if you haven’t followed it.  For a time, the DA’s office was pursuing another totally unrelated case against a UCLA faculty member but eventually dropped it.  Does someone there have a “problem” with UCLA?  Does UCLA have a “problem” with the DA’s office?