Aint that a shame?

It was another slow day at the worksite of the UCLA Grand Hotel yesterday.  The photo above was taken around 10:30 am.  Apparently, there was more action in the courtroom.  According to a media release put out by UCLA, a court decision removed the donors from one of the two lawsuits against the Grand Hotel.  (One lawsuit says the environmental review wasn’t done properly; the other says the hotel will have to pay taxes.)  You can find the media release at:

The Daily Bruin version, based on the release, is at:

According to the media release, it was “shameful” that the plaintiffs had included the donors.  Actually, there are other aspects – not mentioned in the media release – that are a shame, as this blog has pointed out many times.  It is a shame that UCLA (and other UC campuses) are focusing donations on physical plant rather than human capital.  It is a shame that the Regents have no independent review capacity for reviewing hundreds of millions of dollars of capital projects that are quickly passed before them and ultimately rubber-stamp the plans.  It is a shame that at Regents meetings, the governor focuses on the petty cash drawer – MOOCs and online education – while ignoring the trainloads of money in capital projects whizzing by.  It is a shame that donor money is somehow regarded as not subject to trade-offs.  (Channeling more of it into X means less available for Y.) 

Ain’t that a shame?