The Arrival

Today, the news media seem to be focused on the first day of school.  No, not the students’ first day.  Janet Napolitano’s.

From the LA Times:

Janet Napolitano begins her new job as University of California president Monday, promising to “listen and learn” about the many issues facing the sprawling 10-campus university system…

During her first couple of weeks, she will review budgets and operations and meet with students, faculty, staff, campus chancellors, state elected officials and others, according to UC spokesman Steve Montiel. She will greet the headquarters staff at a reception Monday afternoon. Napolitano has stressed that “her first priority is to listen and learn so that she can get a firm grounding in issues, opportunities and challenges affecting the University of California’s campuses, medical enterprise, affiliated national laboratories and agricultural and natural resources services,” Montiel said…

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And there is good bye and good luck from Mark Yudof, according to the Daily Bruin:

…Some of Napolitano’s biggest challenges will include managing tuition levels as costs increase along with rising pension contributions, expanding online education offerings and constructing more facilities to accommodate for growing enrollment, said former University President Mark Yudof…

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It’s hard to know what might be going through her mind on the first day.  But if you click on the link below and wait about a minute, you might find out.