Listen to the Morning Session of the Regents: 9-18-2013

Summary: After a series of closed meetings, the Regents – including Gov. Jerry Brown – had a public comment session.  A rep from a union of residents complained that UC-irvine was not recognizing their organization.  A student suggested that the Regents should have a Facebook page.  Concerns were expressed about tuition increases.  There were complaints about high out-of-state tuition.  The students who complained the day before that they could not get an appointment with incoming UC president Napolitano reported that they now had an appointment.  
There were requests for the Regents to meet in southern California.  A group of students pushed divestment of fossil fuels.  Union reps complained about the two-tier pension system and made a statement that they had a proposal that would put more money into the pension fund without second tier.  It sounded as if they were proposing higher employee contributions but exactly what the proposal was remained unclear.  One speaker refused to give up the mike and there was a pause while that matter was handled.  There was a complaint that access to the pension fund was being arranged for Children’s Hospital-Oakland employees ahead of a potential merger with UC-SF.
When Bill Jacobs representing the faculty and the Academic Senate began to give his report, there were two interruptions due to a union demonstration.  The room may have been cleared after the second interruption.  
There was a segment on a new “Promise for Education” fundraising campaign involving major firms including in entertainment.  The idea is based on “crowdsourcing.”  In this version individuals make promises to do something and solicit money on social media such as Facebook.  Several Regents pledged large amounts.  Gov. Brown was said to be “participating.”  Not clear what form that participation would take.  A website,, was created for this program.  There was also a segment on a fundraising effort by UC-Santa Cruz.
Proposals for large incentive bonuses for two UC executives elicited lengthy comments from Gov. Brown.  You can hear what he had to say at the YouTube link below.  In essence, he questioned whether people needed or should need incentives to do their jobs.  In the end, however, he did not vote against the proposal.  There was also approval of executive pay practices.  The Regents then broke for lunch.
You can hear the morning session at the link below:
Gov. Brown’s views on incentive pay can be heard below: