The Secret of Groundbreaking

Apparently, there can be big secrets in groundbreaking as the headline above indicates.  And the big secret of the Sept. 10 groundbreaking for the UCLA Grand Hotel is that you have to break ground before the groundbreaking.  So although not much seemed to happen on the site of the Grand Hotel at the Ackerman bus turnaround and parking structure #6 after it was blocked off last July 8, now work actually seems to be occurring.  I wouldn’t say that I saw feverish activity when I passed by yesterday, but there was work being done.

A view of the Great Wall of UCLA.
Someone going to work and a machine to break ground.
Work being done.

Another view of the Great Wall.

Now the question is, when we look back at all of this some time in the future, what will folks think of it?  I passed a fellow who claimed to be from the future standing at the site and this is what he said:

Of course, I have no idea what he meant.